Customizing the ‘No Products Found’ message

This guide will cover how to change “No products found” message in the Product Filter for your WooCommerce Shop.

For starters let’s locate the file we need to change. Navigate the WooCommerce plugin and go to templates then loop and click on the no-products-found.php file.

This is the PHP file responsible for showing the “No products found” message on your shop. Copy this file.

To edit this file we shall use an upgrade-safe way using overrides.

Navigate to wp-content/themes/your_theme-child/ directory and create woocommerce and a loop folder. Copy the no-products-found.php file here.

NOTE. The no-product-found.php file is found in wp-content/themes/your_theme/woocommerce/loop/no-prodcuts-found.php. This is, if theme that you use, customizes this template in any way. If not, the default template is here

It’s important to keep the same file structure but remove the /templates/ subdirectory. Paste the copied file.

You can customize this file however you want, I shall just add a simple text to the already existing like “Surely you can find something for yourself if you try again”.

For an in-depth explanation on what all you can achieve here read the official article from Woocommerce, I will leave a link below the video.

Now let’s save this file and go to our shop to see our new message.

I will click on a term that I know does not have any products and we will get the new message that we made.

Watch more Product Filter for WooCommerce videos to learn more. Thank you!

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