Translating the Product Filter

Welcome to Product Filter for WooCommerce video guide.

This video will cover the basic translation and editing for specific string/text in the Product Filter for your WooCommerce Shop.

To see where all the translations for the plugin filters are and to start this tutorial please navigate to /wp-content/plugins/prdctfltr/lang/ folder.

If for example, you want to change how something was translated for the US translations you would need to do the following steps.

First run the Poedit app. If by any case you don’t have the app I will leave the link for the download at the text below this video.

Now that we opened the app let’s click to edit an existing translation and find the US POT file.

I will find the None string and change it to Nothing. Just click on the file and in the translation field write your text.

Head on up to file and hit save as, and save it on your desktop for now.

This file needs to be put in your WordPress installation in the /wp-content/languages/plugins/ folder. If the folder does not exists create one and put the POT file there so it can override the translations that already exist.

Now when we check for that specific piece of text for the US version we will see that it was changed.

Watch more Product Filter for WooCommerce videos to learn more. Thank you!

You can get the Poedit App here:

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4 comments on “Translating the Product Filter”

  1. Hi there,

    Can’t find the above mentioned video.

    But I’d really like to know;

    How do I translate the FRONTEND visible strings of my filter into other languages? Such as the headers, the tooltips e.g.
    Hope you can help!

  2. Hello,
    I have translate (dutch) the .po file, and put it in /wp-content/languages/plugins map but it stays in english language

    can you help me with this problem

    Erwin Krijgsman