How to add product options like a checkbox or an input field

Welcome to Product Options for WooCommerce guide.

This video will cover how to add product options such as inputs and checkboxes in the Product Options plugin.

To start this tutorial let’s first navigate to Product Options plugin and then the Product Options tab.

Let’s select the custom option and click on the Add item+ button.

In the options manager, the settings will appear, and we will click the paint/cog icon. 

If we check under the type option we shall see the regular field types like Plain Text, Color, Thumbnail, Selectbox, and HTML. But, also there are additional supported field types such as Input Field, Checkbox, Textarea and System Select unique to the custom option.

Go and select the checkbox. Now you can click the Add Term+ button or click the + button to add the first option.

Set the name, value, and price of your option. You can add as many options as you need. I will click the Add Term+ button again and set everything here as well.

This will add a custom HTML checkbox tag on your product.

The same procedure goes if we wanted to add an input field or a dropdown. 

Exit the terms’ manager and set if you want the base price for the custom option that will always be added to the total, and limit where you want this option to appear.

Hit the save button and check out the product where you have set this custom option to appear.

Watch more Product Options for WooCommerce videos to learn more. Thank you!

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2 comments on “How to add product options like a checkbox or an input field”

  1. I do not find the “add term” or “+” button. I have previously added a few options and would like to add another color but I can’t figure out where to click. Suspect a bug as I never had this issue previously.