Setting a new shop design for your store

Welcome to Shop Design for WooCommerce guide.

This guide covers how to set a new design for your WooCommerce Shop.

To start this tutorial navigate to Shop Design plugin and click the Product Loops tab.

Now let’s create a preset for our shop. Under the Loop Manager option, click the Add Item+ button.

The tab with all our settings will appear. Enter a name for your loop. 

I will select the type to be Elegant and display to be grid.

For the button style, I will set it to be Hue style and the accent color will be a lighter orange and the hover color just a darker version of orange.

I will leave the image size, ratio and align as they are, but I will change the image effect to be fade in the second image.

On the grid, I will hide the Product Meta, set it to be four columns and to have a 1.5em gap between columns so it doesn’t look cluttered.

Save your settings and navigate to assign product loops tab. In the Assign Product Loops and select the preset we just made and hit save.

Now when we go to our shop we will see that our changes have taken effect and that we changed the appearance of our shop.

Watch more Shop Design for WooCommerce videos to learn more. Thank you!

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3 comments on “Setting a new shop design for your store”

  1. I download this plugin from Elements Envato subscription account.
    when i install this plugin its working fine on product box view but when click on the product to go detail page is empty, white blank page appears on the product details page.