How to control product filter appearance programatically

This tutorial covers how to hide filters on categories for your WooCommerce Shop.

To start this tutorial go to Products > Categories. Here you will see all your categories. 

If you want to hide the filter on one of the categories then you need . . .

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18 comments on “How to control product filter appearance programatically”

  1. How do I programmatically change the preset? The above helps to hide the filter. I would like to change the preset if possible.

    What I am doing is HIDING the filter for all product tags. What I would like to do is load a simpler preset for all Product Tags – there is no such option in the default settings.

    1. Hi, yes there’s the whole UI for that, so if you cannot find it use the Submit Ticket from the menu and our staff will explain. Thanks.

  2. Hi, is there any way to make the term hidden on the collection that have no products match with it.
    E.g. In my summer collections there is no red & yellow color. So the filter bar wont show this color on filter.

    1. Yes, there are articles that explain this, but mostly you should use the Submit Ticket from the menu and our staff will help.

  3. Hi, how can I activate the filter button “in stock” automatically on page load? Could not find an option in the backend..
    thanks for feedback…

    1. There’s the option to do that. If you cannot find it use Submit Ticket from the menu and our staff will help.

  4. Thanks! I needed that.
    Does that hide a category and its children or only the category itself?

    1. If you’re speaking of a preset and what’s in it, you can set that up and hide categories you need. Most of the times, you will need to set some options in order to act like you need it. Use the Submit Ticket and our staff will help.

  5. Not complete. It still lack of very important possibility to hide filter at top shop level before all named categories – at main shop

    1. You can do anything with WordPress/WooCommerce/Our plugins. It’s all extendable. Just hire a good developer and he’ll fix anything in an hour. If he doesn’t he’s not a good one. Also, if you’re missing an option, it really doesn’t mean that we have to build one for you. We build things that are general. For specific uses, use everything else that’s at your service.