Category: <span>Shop Design</span>

Product loops overview

On the Product Loops page, you will create all your styles and presets. Loop manager Here you can create all your product loop presets. When you click the add item button to create the product loop preset this is the settings that you will get: Loop name Enter loop name Loop type Select loop type. […]

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Installation tab

This tab is responsible for the implementation of the plugin on the shop page. Isotope mode Isotope.js library settings. Packery will work best and don’t change it if you’re not aware what the option does Grid/list session Remember if users switch grid to list view and vice versa

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Product Quickview overview

Here you will find all the settings regarding quickview. The Product Quickview options are: Related products Related product loop Related product limit Related product Enable this option to show related products in quick view Related product loop Select quickview related product loop preset Related product limit Select quickview related product limit

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