How to preselect filters on-page?

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Sometimes you will want to make a link to a certain page, but with the filters already selected in the Product Filter. This is easily achieved with the query parameters you can add to your page URL. Examples follow . . .

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6 comments on “How to preselect filters on-page?”

  1. I love the plugin and really need the ability to preload links as described here. For some reason when I use them this way then ajax will not infinite load any products beyond the initial set loaded by the page. I got the plugin from Envato Elements before you pulled it from there, so unfortunately if this has been addressed via update then this is no solution for me. Any chance you can point me in the right direction?

    I fixed a bug all by myself that was causing an infinite loop when a filter returned zero products so I think I am capable enough D

    1. Hi, we provide support for valid licenses only. Elements isn’t it and you can read that in the Elements policy. Valid support is acquired if you purchase a license on Envato Market.