How to use the Price Commander for WooCommerce?

This amazing addition to XforWooCommerce is a tool for managing prices and scheduling sales.

Bulk editing is supported!

Let’s do something simple, like set a couple of product prices to one hundred dollars.

If we click the Set new prices button, prices will change instantly. But let’s do something trickier.

We’ll set these products to be on sale by ten per cent. Let’s click Set new prices now.

WOW our prices have changed quickly! Now, let’s set some scheduled sales. Bulk scheduling is supported.

Click on products that are on sale and then set the dates.

Click Set and the sales have been scheduled.

We can paginate products or even search.

Variable products are supported too.

Setting prices and sales is as easy as with simple products.

Scheduling sales is supported for variations too.

Plugin has extra features, like setting quick prices and math functions for prices.

Thanks for watching!

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