Product Filter Dashboard

Product Filter Dashboard is a place where you make your configuration.

  • XforWooCommerce users will get to the Dashboard by following this path WooCommerce>XforWooCommerce under Product Filter click the Dashboard button
  • Standalone plugin users should follow WooCommerce>Settings>Product Filters to get to the Dashboard

Product Filter Dashboard

Product Filter Dashboard welcome screen has a few options.

  • website
  • The Help Center where you can submit requests to our support agents
  • Automatic updates – Envato Market Plugin
  • Plugin Options – Export, Import, Backup, Restore and Reset Website

To visit our home website you can click the button. News and new modules firstly appear there. Stay tuned! Help

Our Help Center is at your service. Follow this link That’s your Control Panel. Here you can request support or register.

Automatic Updates

To have automatic updates use the Envato Market Plugin. We’ve got a guide that explains the process.

How to Import, Export or Backup? Find out here

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