How to filter WooCommerce Variable Products in your Shop?

Adding extensions and plugins to your Shop can really boost things up. The all-mighty extension, Product Filter for WooCommerce, adds extended functionalities to WooCommerce. One of those is really trending today. That’s filtering variable products or variations in your Shop/Product Archives. Product Filter does this in . . .

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8 comments on “How to filter WooCommerce Variable Products in your Shop?”

  1. the way is too difficult to understand, I try many times to add products, but I don’t understand anything

  2. Hi,
    I am unable to filter by product variation in stock or out of stock.
    I manage the stock at the variation level so when the product is out of stock it shows quantity as 0 not out of stock.
    How do I manage this please?

  3. Hello im adding a new Taxonomy and when i do i go to the table above to select it just says ” Loading” , aparta from that when to configure my Taxonomy it does let me with a pop up message from my browser that says ” Set the option”. What can i do?

    1. Hi, please submit the ticket from the Menu and our staff will check out the problems you’re experiencing. Thanks!

  4. Hey, we are having issues when a product is out of stock, and turn back in stock, user cannot click variable to add to cart.

    1. Hi, please submit your ticket by using the Submit Ticket from the menu and our staff will help you out. Thanks!