Filter Presets tab overview

This is the most important tab! Here you will do plenty of things, like setting up the filter presets, their styles and term swatches.

Product Filter Presets

Product Filter Presets tab has these options.

  • Filter Presets – Here you control which preset you edit and make new ones ofc
  • Filter Options – Click on a group of options to edit. Default selected are the Filters, but there are plenty more options like General, Style, Adoptive and Responsive
  • When Filters are selected you can see the Filters themselves too, as shown in the screenshot

Filter Presets

Default preset is the one that’ll be active by default. For instance, if you add a +Product Filter widget to a sidebar, this “Default” preset will appear. Further, you can create new presets by clicking New and entering a name. Duplicate is also an option, if you want to start with some preset rather than a new one. To delete a preset click Delete button while the preset is selected.

Filter Options

This row lets you switch between the option groups. Selected by default are the Filters and the Filter Manager will appear, but you can select General, Style, Adoptive and Responsive options too. Click the button for the options you need to set.

Filters Builder

Here you create the filter setups! One is associated with every preset. For more info check the separate article on the Filters builder.

Read more on this tab here:

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