Basics regarding Filters Presets UI

Filter Presets

Filters are the core of this plugin, right? This tab is all about them. First section is where you maintain your filtering presets.

When you check the plugin for the first time you will have the Default preset. We strongly advise to use the Default . . .

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6 comments on “Basics regarding Filters Presets UI”

  1. Hello, no matter what page it is on the price range is always showing the same. so even if there is only 1 product in the category for £70 the price range still shows £30-£225

  2. Has something dramatically changed on this section in recent versions?
    We have a number of presets created on our website each with different filters, but the different filters are not showing when we switch between presets in the drop down list.

    1. Hi, we had a problem with 7.3.1 version. Hopefully it’s fine now, just update with the latest 7.3.2+. If things are not back to normal, please use the Submit Ticket from menu. Thanks!

      1. Unfortunately still happening for us after updating to Version 7.3.2. That’s the latest version we have downloaded from Envato Marketplace. So filters load, but the majority do not, so I’d assume that there is some setting in some of them that differs to others causing some to work and others not to work.

        Should we submit a support ticket about it?