Plugin Options – Import, Export

This guide covers how to use the options in the Dashboard section in the Product Filter.

Let’s first show the Export and import option. To demonstrate this I’ve created two local installations and on both of them have the product filter installed.

I will go to my first installation like you can see here I have the product categories, search, per page filters. Now, I will go to the Dashboard and click the Export button. Copy all the content and go to the second installation

On the second installation, I only have the price range filter activated. In the Dashboard, I will now click the import button and paste all the settings and click import again.

If we go to the filter presets you will see that the price range has disappeared and all the filters that were activated in my first installation have appeared along with it’s presets and settings.

Let’s now demonstrate how the restore and backup options work.

If I click the Backup button this means the filters save all the settings of the filter at this point in time.

Now if I add some other new filters and after a while realize my before settings were better suited for me. I can click the Restore button and it erases the current settings and revert back to my settings from when I did the backup.

The Reset button if clicked will erase everything and set it to be as it was the first time you got the plugin.

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