Multiple and out of stock badges

Welcome to Badges and Counters for the WooCommerce video guide.

This guide covers how to use multiple badges and the out of stock badge in the Badges and Counters plugin.

To start this tutorial click on the Badge Presets tab.

Here we will create a couple of badges presets that we will use. Under presets manager, set it to be sale, and click the add item button so all the settings appear.

Set the name and the style for the badge, and leave the rest of the options as they are. I will repeat the process one more time.

Save and navigate to the Badge Manager. Under the Sale Badge, we shall add two presets we just made. Note that this can also be done for all the other options.

Save it and let’s go to the shop page to see the results. As you can see the products have two great looking badges we added.

Now, let’s add a badge to the out of stock products. Go again to the Badge Preset tab, this time I will use text badge. In the Badge Manager under the Out of Stock Badge option, we shall add the third badge that we created.

Save it and if we go again to the shop page we shall see that the badge plugin has recognized all the products that are out of stock and assigned them the appropriate badge.

Watch more Badges and Counters for WooCommerce videos to learn more. Thank you!

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