Setting up SEO for WooCommerce on autopilot

Welcome to Autopilot SEO for WooCommerce guide.

This guide covers basic installation and setup instructions for your WooCommerce Shop.

First we need to install the Autopilot SEO for WooCommerce plugin. Navigate to Plugins in your WordPress Dashboard.

Click Add New and then Upload Plugin. Upload the Autopilot SEO for WooCommerce ZIP archive which you have downloaded officially from Envato, or Envato Elements websites. Any other source is not valid and you’ll be at risk.

When done, click the Activate Plugin button. Autopilot SEO for WooCommerce is now set to go!

The plugin will automatically integrate itself in the WooCommerce/WordPress interface.

To see all the options the plugin provide please navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > Autopilot SEO for WooCommerce.

The Autopilot SEO plugin will take care of all your social needs by just going to Social tab and entering your profile ID’s, username and data.

This plugin specialize in making your WooCommerce SEO friendly and by going to WooCommerce, Product Page and Shop/Archive page you will see various options to help you achive that.

Things like setting the brands, manufacturer, color or adding titles, descriptions, types and much more can be found.

The plugin also provides options for optimizing your regular pages, blog and the possibility to add custom meta tags. More in depth explanations on all our options will come in future videos.

Watch more Autopilot SEO for WooCommerce videos to learn more. Thank you!

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2 comments on “Setting up SEO for WooCommerce on autopilot”

  1. where is the video ?? you haven’t mentioned any link for it.
    also I’ve got this plugin and dont understand its working, unfortunately you haven’t provided a proper documentation for it either. Also I’ve been to your youtube channel no useful videos were found for proper functioning of this plugin. Kindly PROVIDE THAT ASAP. I’m eagerly waiting to use this plugin but unable to understand how.