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21 comments on “Adoptive filtering”

  1. Would be good atleast to give us option to download premade different filters. Currently i am trying to go step by step filter and the old links provided on codecanyon are gone. And a 10 row text its not a documentation… https://help.xforwoocommerce.com/product-filter/using-the-filter/step-filters/ . I use this filter for 2-3 years now and the old documentation was way better. Now i dont even bother to download doc for this plugin since there is not much and just spent 5 hours till i made it. With old doc i was able to that much more faster and even then was try and error but was just to tweek some stuff. Also its realy annoying if you have presset that you are working on and by mistake you reload the page its loading default preset and without noticing most of the time you do stuff elsewhere not on the selected preset…

    The plugin is great if you KNOW everything. I bet you lost lots of sales just to lack of doc. Its maybe the only plugin that i have and has so small documentation for the stuff it can make. But life is not perfect i guess. Thanks for the plugin and stay safe!

    1. Hi, you can setup a development server somewhere and ask in our support to install the demos for you. Then you can test locally. Still, demos are all available here https://demos.xforwoocommerce.com/ and I mean Admin Demos, so you can see how each filter or plugin was setup to show what it shows in demos. Further if you need a shortcode from the particular page, that also can be obtained in the ticket area. Thanks for understanding and good vibes, you too, take care!

  2. A video would be really helpful for this. It seems that multiple categories cannot be set to adoptive, as when I do set them all to adoptive, and I selecta a few different categories on the front-end filter, I am then unable to clear any of my filter selections?

    1. Hi, thanks for the comment. Use the Submit Ticket from menu and our staff will take a look at your problems. Thanks.

      1. Thank you. I’ve found a way for it to work for me. By using adoptive + multiselect + multiselect relation ‘AND’ + Terms will be shown, but unclickable.

        Thank you!

  3. This Plugins has many features but really hard to find out how to work with it and there is not enough tutorial to learn how to use it. VIDEO PLEASE

      1. You don’t learn much from documents, but in practice. So, just spend some time with these plugins and you’ll be fine. If you need support our agents will explain everything you’re interested about our plugins and you can get that by clicking the Submit Ticket from the menu. Thanks.

      2. I agree as well. The documentation is really lacking sorry. If you have good documentation it would go faster. To go and try and error it is fine if you have plenty of time. But a lot of ppl do not have that. Even if there is a lockdown!

      3. Agree, I’ve been working with this plugin for more hours than I care to admit and still can’t get what I think should be simply done. All I’m looking for is to exclude product categories that are empty. Can NOT find where that is done.

  4. Will adoptive filtering work only with WooCommerce attributes, or can I filter also using metadata created (for example) with ACF plugin?

    1. Hi, the video is not done yet, but the script is, so we’ve kind of put it out before the video. If you need help just navigate My Support Tickets from the menu.

      1. When will the video or a more comprehensive guide on Adoptive Filtering be available? I still haven’t been able to get this function working after a year.

      2. I’m waiting on the video also..
        Can you please add the video, add a tutorial, elaborate the use in documentation end/or give a reply on the ticket regarding this?