Adoptive filtering

This guide covers how to use Adoptive Filtering in the Product Filter so you get exclusive filtering on your shop.

To start this tutorial click on the Filter Presets tab and then the Adoptive button so all the options appear.

To activate Adoptive Filtering we need to click on the enable option.

The Adoptive Filtering can be always active, on permalinks and filters or just filters. Will set it to be active on filters

We won’t set a dependency, product count will be filtered count/total and we will enable the reorder option so the still existing terms will be at the top. Hit save and navigate to where your filters are. 

Up until now, there could have been only one style for all filters, but now we can go individually to our filters to set the different adoptive styles for each of them.

In my categories filter under the Adoptive option, I will choose that the terms are hidden for this filter.

In my colors filter I will set it to be shown, but unclickable and in the size filter, I will set it to be shown and clickable.

Save everything and let’s go to the Shop page to see how our filters behave.

If we filter our categories we will see that the other terms are hidden, on color there can be shown, but not clickable and size is shown and clickable.

Watch more Product Filter for WooCommerce videos to learn more. Thank you!

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10 comments on “Adoptive filtering”

  1. This Plugins has many features but really hard to find out how to work with it and there is not enough tutorial to learn how to use it. VIDEO PLEASE

  2. Will adoptive filtering work only with WooCommerce attributes, or can I filter also using metadata created (for example) with ACF plugin?

    1. Hi, the video is not done yet, but the script is, so we’ve kind of put it out before the video. If you need help just navigate My Support Tickets from the menu.

      1. When will the video or a more comprehensive guide on Adoptive Filtering be available? I still haven’t been able to get this function working after a year.

      2. I’m waiting on the video also..
        Can you please add the video, add a tutorial, elaborate the use in documentation end/or give a reply on the ticket regarding this?