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Welcome to Product Filter for WooCommerce article guide.

If you desired to have a redirect functionality like in our redirect demo then this article is the place for you.

The first thing you need to do is create a custom preset. You can create as many filters as you need and set whatever options you want for your unique site but if you want to copy our demo here are a couple of things you should do. On our demo page, we enabled in the General tab the Stepped Selection option, so you can use filters in steps.

In our demos, we have also used Adoptive Filtering to show when some terms are available and when not, you can do this too. Here is an article to help you out with that:

Once this is all done, go to your page and where you want to output this filter use the following code:

[prdctfltr_sc_products preset="your-preset-name" action="" show_products="no" ajax="yes"]

On this page, everything will be automatic. Now we need to set up a page to receive the filtering data. For this, you can use your Shop page or the regular page with the Product Filter shortcode. So, if you want the Shop page, in your step filter shortcode the parameter action should be set this way action=””. If you do not want to use Shop page you can use any regular page, but it needs to have the Product Filter shortcode which will pick up the filtering data. There are no special options for this shortcode, use as an ordinary shortcode, the filter will be processed accordingly. Widgets are also supported.

Read more Product Filter articles to learn more. Thank you!

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2 comments on “Step filters”

  1. Hey so I have setup the step filter. But it displays checkboxes and the user has to tick them. Is there a way to have it instead be a drop down and the user selects from the drop down list?