Start using PDF in your shop

Welcome to PDF, Print and Share for WooCommerce guide.

This guide covers basic installation and setup instructions for your WooCommerce Shop.

First we need to install the PDF, Print and Share for WooCommerce plugin. Navigate to Plugins in your WordPress Dashboard.

Click Add New and then Upload Plugin. Upload the PDF, Print and Share for WooCommerce ZIP archive which you have downloaded officially from Envato, or Envato Elements websites. Any other source is not valid and you’ll be at risk.

When done, click the Activate Plugin button. PDF, Print and Share for WooCommerce is now set to go!

To visit plugin settings page and start this tutorial, navigate WooCommerce > Settings > PDF, Print and Share.

This page is the plugin command centre. You’ll be able to do everthing you need from here.

PDF, Print and Share automatically integrate itself in your WooCommerce shop.

If you navigate to the Installation tab you will se two methods of installation. To override WooComerce Template or Init Action. These methods are responsible for icons appearing in your single product pages. By default the override method is choosen.

If we go to single product page we will see the icons have appeared.

When we go to General tab we can see the options to use site logo, change the icons style, show counts or hide certain icons you don’t want to appear on your site.

In the Print/PDF Setup tab you will be albe to set custom content so that the PDF is to your liking.

Watch more PDF, Print and Share for WooCommerce videos to learn more. Thank you!

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11 comments on “Start using PDF in your shop”

  1. Hi,
    I just installed your/this PDF, Print and Share single plugin (uploaded the zip and installed).
    If I go to: “navigate WooCommerce > Settings” I don’t have the “> PDF, Print and Share” menu although the plugin is activated.
    Where do I find the plugin page in my site?
    Many thanks for your help

  2. when I click on the pdf file or the print button, the prices are displayed excluding VAT and tax How to make this change.

  3. Hello,
    Button download pdf in the modal doesn’t work. What can be the problem ? Can you help me to solve the problem ?

  4. hello
    I get your plugin
    but when to share in facebook I get this error “The message could not be sent because it contains the content of the complainant of a situation where someone else on Facebook was malicious.”
    How can I fix it? Can you help me?