4 thoughts on “Timer/Countdowns overview

  1. Is it only possible to set a timer for sale products? It would be interesting to set a timer for each product individually.

    1. Timers are set in the edit product page in WooCommerce. Afterwards our plugin picks them up and shows them, so yes they can be set to a product individually. Thanks!

  2. Can it work together wtih WooCommerce Dynamic Pricing and Discounts Plugin. Let say if i set Product A discount 30% start 1 Dec to 10 Dec and I set another Rule Product A discount 40% start 11 Dec to 20 Dec. Will the Badge show -30% at 1 – 10 Dec and auto switch to -40% at 11 – 20 Dec?

    1. Hi. Last time I tried it didn’t work. Why? Because if you use that plugin, and you ask WooCommerce about the product which has a rule set, WooCommerce will tell you, no it’s not on sale and here’s the price (returning the original). Having a plugin that works only with itself and ignores the primary system it’s built in is just outrages. I suggest you to look for alternatives when it comes to that particular plugin as it’s built very poorly. Thanks for your message.

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