Set a badge preset for a category

Welcome to Badges and Counters for WooCommerce guide.

This guide covers setup instructions on how to add a badge preset for a category.

First, we need to have some categories in order to assign badges to them.

Navigate to Products > Categories, I’ve already added my categories, but if you haven’t make sure you add them and after assign them to your products.

After the basic setup of the categories and products is done let’s go to WooCommerce > Settings > Badges and Counters.

Let’s go to Badge Presets and create a preset which we will later use.

Under Presets Manager click add item + and our options for the badge will appear.

Type in the preset name, choose a style, color and the rest of the settings we will not touch.

Hit save and let’s go to the Badge Manager Tab.

Here you will have a couple of options, but we are only interested in the one named Category Badges. Click the add item + button beside it.

When the form appears we would need to set an override name, then select under term a category or a subcategory. I will choose the accesories.

Finally, we will choose the preset that we just created and save it.

Now let’s go to our Shop and as you can see all the accessories now have badges on them.

Watch more Badges and Counters videos to learn more. Thank you!

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