Warranties overview

Creating warranty form, enabling admin warranties and much more is possible in the warranties tab.

The warranties tab has these options.

  • Warranty request form
  • New warranty status
  • Multi requests
  • Guest requests
  • Admin warranties

Warranty request form

Here you can create a warranty form. Available options include:

  • Input
  • Textarea
  • Checkboxes
  • Radio
  • Select
  • Address
  • File upload


Enter your title here


Enter your description here


Option is required


Click the add item button so you can add options


Enter your title here

Here are the rest of the options the warranties tab has:

New warranty status

Select status for the newly submitted warranty request posts. Available options are:

  • Pending
  • Draft
  • Published

Multi requests

Check this option to enable multi requests in the defined warranty period. New requests will available upon completing the previous requests.

Guest requests

Guests can access warranties using their Order ID and an E-Mail address to confirm their identity. Check this option if you want to allow guests to request warranties and returns.

Admin warranties

If checked admins will have the ability to create warranty requests for items without warranties.

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