Spam control overview

Here you can control how spam control functions on your site. Enable the first option and let’s get started.

The Spam Control options are:

  • Activate automatic spam control
  • Spam control interval
  • Auto clear spam
  • Auto clear trash

Activate automatic spam control

Activate automatic spam control so it starts working and protect you from spam. When this option is enabled you will get all the other settings so you can fine-tune your control of spam.

Spam control interval

Set spam control interval. This option allows you to set how many times our plugin will run and check for spam. Available options are:

  • Once hourly
  • Once daily
  • Twice daily

Auto clear spam

Automatically clear spammed items. When spammed items are found and when this option is enabled it will delete them automatically.

Auto clear trash

When enabled this option will automatically clear trashed items and save you a lot of time.

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