Add meta overview

Here are all the meta settings.

Add meta

Here is where you can get creative. Use the manager to create your own custom meta tags.

When you click the add item button to create custom meta tags you will get these settings:


Enter name

Select type

Select which META tag property you want to set. The available options are:

  • name=””
  • property=””
  • itemprop=””

Property value

Enter property value

Property content

Enter property content. The available options are:

  • Enter property value
  • Enter property content. The available options are:
  • Site title
  • Site tagline
  • Title
  • Content
  • Excerpt
  • Separator
  • Archive title
  • Archive description
  • Archive name
  • Currency
  • Product content
  • Product short description
  • Price
  • Regular price
  • Sale price
  • Product category
  • Product tag
  • Product brand
  • Product manufacturer
  • Product availability
  • Product color
  • Product condition
  • ·
  • ·

Conditional functions

Enter conditional functions for this meta e.g. is_woocommerce

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