Making your first product tab with table from CSV

Welcome to Product Tabs for the WooCommerce video guide.

This guide covers how to make a product tab with a table from CSV in the Product Tab.

To start this tutorial navigate to the Tabs Manager.

Under the tabs manager, you will see a dropdown where you can add all the tabs you want.

From the dropdown choose Table from CSV and click add item button.

Set the name of the tab, I will write Test. Under the CSV click the add button and choose the CSV file you want to use.

The CSV option can be used if you want to put an image instead of your CSV values.

I will set it to be an image and click the add item. A new tab will appear.

Enter the name of the CSV value and what value you want to replace. Now choose the image that will be replacing the CSV value.

Now, if we want it to show only on one specific product we will go to the display condition option.

I will add one more and put the unchecked image.

We will put the condition, so “is_single” and after the ID of the product.

Hit save and let’s go to our product. If we scroll down to the product tabs section we will see our Tab was added and the image we put is showing.

Watch more Product Tabs for WooCommerce videos to learn more. Thank you!

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7 comments on “Making your first product tab with table from CSV”

    1. Hi, you can even make your own function in functions.php child theme file or similar, that will return either true or false, and just use that. Still, some conditionals will work when the action for registering tabs is fired, and some won’t, so you’ll have to be careful with that. Thanks!

  1. somehow it is not working: !is_singular:mix-en-match
    and how do i exclude more then 1 page?
    ?like: !is_singular:mix-en-match,product-giftcard

  2. I’m sure you figured this out already but in case you haven’t, you can use the category format below to display it. (must use hyphen in front and can use the slug or ID.


    1. That code did not work in WooCommerce prior to version 4.0. Not sure does it work in the new version, as it’s not tested. I’ll instruct our support to re-test that. Why it didn’t work? When registering a tab, using the actions and hooks provided by WooCommerce, that conditional function isn’t available. It could be true that they’ve fixed that behaviour. If so, our plugin is ready and can support it.