Shop/Archives tab overview

All the settings regarding plugin appearance and functioning on the shop pages are here

The Shop/Archives tab options are:

  • Use plugin in shop
  • Show quantities
  • Shop display mode
  • Options alignment
  • Price total

Use plugin in shop

Check this option to use the plugin styled selectors in Shop Pages.

Show quantities

Check this option to enable product quantity in Shop.

Shop display mode

Select how to show the options in Shop Pages. Available options are:

  • Only show available options
  • Enable selection and add to cart

Options alignment

Select options alignment in Shop Pages. Available options are:

  • Left
  • Right
  • Center

Price total

Select price to use for product options cost total. Available options are:

  • Use price product price from shop element
  • Add product price to the top of the product options
  • Add product price to bottom of product options
  • Disable

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