General tab

You will find all the general settings in this tab

The General tab options are:

  • Options support
  • Out of stock display
  • Image switching attributes
  • Step selection
  • Disable option deselection
  • Backorder notification

Options support

Select product types that will support product options. Available options are:

  • Variable products 
  • All products

Out of stock display

Select how to display the Out of Stock options for variable products. Available options are:

  • Hidden from pages 
  • Shown but not clickable  
  • Shown and clickable

Image switching attributes

Select attributes that will switch the product image. Available only if Advanced Image Switcher option is used.

Step selection

This option shows the first swatch you have and hides the rest. Only when you choose the first the second options will be shown etc…

Disable option deselection

Check this option to disallow option deselection/unchecking.

Backorder notification

Check this option to enable and show backorder notifications.

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