WPBakery & Product Filter

Welcome to Product Filter for WooCommerce guide.

This tutorial covers how to use WPBakery WooCommerce Shortcodes element to add Product Filter to your Shop.

To start this tutorial navigate to Pages and select a page where you would like to Product Filter to appear.

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8 comments on “WPBakery & Product Filter”

  1. Hello i have a problem

    when i use a filter in wbackery using only some categoies the page in random view have some part of scrren empty and i dont find solution to this problem.
    Also if i change numerber or column nothing change, sometimes a row have less products, sometimes more.
    You can see this problem in this page of my site:

    1. Hi, you’d need to use global style Select Box, or the Widget Select, and then you customize terms using the Paint Bucket/Cogs wheel option.

  2. What do all the fields do? Can you explain what effect each one has on the filter shortcode it creates? There is no documentation for this feature.

  3. 1. when using the product filter , after hitting on checkbox the filter panel hides. How to keep it showing ?

    2. when clicking the order by option the filter panel along with hamburger filter icon is lost , so can’t access the filter panel again. what setting controls this ?