WooCommerce Shortcodes

Welcome to Product Filter for WooCommerce short tutorial guide.

This tutorial covers how to use WooCommerce shortcodes to display filters and products lists.


shortcode is one of WooCommerce’s most robust shortcodes and the Product Filter fully supports it.

To get the Product Filter to appear on the WooCommerce shortcode you only need to add prdctfltr=”yes”

Shortcode Example:

[products prdctfltr="yes"]

Here are some of our parameters that can be used:

prdctfltr=”yes”When used, product filter will be used. PF will be shown on top of the shortcode. Possible options prdctfltr=”yes”, prdctfltr=”widget”, prdctfltr=”no”. When set to widget shortcode will work with the PF widget.
preset=””Use preset slug to override the default filter setup
pagination=”yes”Set pagination. Accepted arguments yes, no, loadmore, infinite  Load more and inifinite paginations need  ajax=”yes”  to work!.
ajax=”yes”Use AJAX load on the current shortcode.

Shortcode Examples:

[products prdctfltr="yes" preset="test"]  
[products prdctfltr="yes" ajax="yes" pagination="loadmore"] 

For the complete list of parameters, that WooCommerce allows you to use, please refer to WooCommerce Documentation.

Read more Product Filter for WooCommerce tutorials to learn more. Thank you!

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7 comments on “WooCommerce Shortcodes”

  1. This is good but there’s a lot more that can be added to this Documentation about these shortcodes and how they can be used. Not only that but other things such as styling.

  2. Hi,
    I’m using your filter but I can’t configure pagination on product page.
    I have more than 1500 products so it’s really important to use it. Can you help me ?

    I’m using this shortcode :
    [products category ="cerchi-in-lega-nuovi" prdctfltr="yes" pagination="yes" preset="filtro-cerchioni"]

    but It’s not working. Page is https://afruote.com/negozio/cerchi-in-lega-nuovi/ , so you can see that it takes a loooong time before loading all the products…

    Thank you

  3. Could you please show us an example using shortcodes with Elementor Pro?
    When I use this shortcode: [products prdctfltr="yes"]
    I get the hole archive page products and not the filters. How can I get only the filters?