WooCommerce Shortcodes

Welcome to Product Filter for WooCommerce short tutorial guide.

This tutorial covers how to use WooCommerce shortcodes to display filters and products lists.

The shortcode is one of WooCommerce's most robust shortcodes and the Product Filter fully supports it.

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25 comments on “WooCommerce Shortcodes”

  1. If you re gonna respond to everybody to submit a ticket bla bla bla just switch off the comments it’s pointless

    1. Hi, no it’s not. You can share your experiences you don’t have to ask for support for free. There’s a difference. Also we do respond to some questions, but usually our support crew needs to get involved, so yes. You can extend your support now for only $2 or so, please visit the Product Filter item page here https://1.envato.market/product-filter-for-woocommerce

      1. Hi, it is not support for free. There’s a difference. It becomes a knowledge base in time. If someone else had the same question as you do, you re gonna find it fast and move on with your development. Fast an efficient. No need to wait for a support ticket to be answered to move on.

        And yes I have multiple licenses of your product for my clients and have experience on how long support can take and the procedures.

        1. Hi! We will improve our reply wait times and our articles. That’s the best I can offer. Thanks!

  2. Hi there

    I would like to create a shortcut to create a page that shows proucts with certain attributes e.g. wedding dresses color= beige AND size = large AND cut=backless

    Could you help me out please

  3. The product filter shows up in the search results page even if there is no matching attributes in the product search. How can I avoid the filter to appear in the search results page?

  4. Hi, how can by filter with attributes in line ? Like this 1. 2. 3. and not like this
    ??? Thanks for help

  5. Hi, you can also add a limit for the pagination. For example :
    [products prdctfltr="yes" pagination="yes" limit="12"]

  6. This is good but there’s a lot more that can be added to this Documentation about these shortcodes and how they can be used. Not only that but other things such as styling.

  7. Hi,
    I’m using your filter but I can’t configure pagination on product page.
    I have more than 1500 products so it’s really important to use it. Can you help me ?

    I’m using this shortcode :
    [products category ="cerchi-in-lega-nuovi" prdctfltr="yes" pagination="yes" preset="filtro-cerchioni"]

    but It’s not working. Page is https://afruote.com/negozio/cerchi-in-lega-nuovi/ , so you can see that it takes a loooong time before loading all the products…

    Thank you

  8. Could you please show us an example using shortcodes with Elementor Pro?
    When I use this shortcode: [products prdctfltr="yes"]
    I get the hole archive page products and not the filters. How can I get only the filters?