So, what’s wrong with Divi Shop Module?


Divi is in our opinion one of those themes that are not in truth plugin friendly and has a lot to go to improve in that area. Check what a “Shop Module” really is here So, you will see a lot of codes that make your website slow, and then at the end, they output the same shortcode WooCommerce provides for you which can be also entered in a text field.

Here’s the read on WooCommerce Products Shortcode → LINK

Furthermore, our Product Filter uses WordPress extendibility to add parameters to these WooCommerce Product Shortcodes which would activate the filters inside it.

We’ve added these parameters to the WooCommerce Products Shortcode → LINK

If we could, we would have added these parameters to the Shop Module too, but the authors of Divi didn’t foresee such programming methods, which is a bit disappointing, and our hands are tied.

Bottom line

So, the bottom line is, just use a Shortcode/Text element and input this shortcode to get the filter on top.

[products prdctfltr="yes"]

If you’re using a widget, to make that widget filter active in the shortcode add use it like so.

[products prdctfltr="widget"]

Use more Product Filter Parameters to set it up → LINK. And if you’re not familiar with the WooCommerce Products Shortcode read this article → LINK

That will work the same way, except it will be faster and you will not be forced to use poor and unnecessary code imposed by one theme. Thank you for understanding!

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8 comments on “So, what’s wrong with Divi Shop Module?”

  1. Hi
    I’m using this plugin on Divi. The filter is appearing twice and the product pagination is in conflict with Divi. On the first page it shows around 30 products and indicates 4 pages of product. When you click on page 2 – the pagination shows less products and indicates about 10 pages.

    I get the feeling from the above article that I’ll have to work this out on my own 🙁

    1. Well, there’s one solution to your problem. The cause – “You didn’t install it right”. Whatever happens on top you don’t have to describe, because you can “install it” in so many false ways.

      Use the Submit Ticket from the Menu and our staff will help you out.

    1. The text says Divi Shop Module is the same as using a WooCommerce [products] shortcode. Shortcode will work, module no.

  2. Thanks for this! The shortcode is helpful. Quick question that I think might be Divi related. When applying a filter, it reloads the page at the top of the page so you have to scroll back down to where the products are. Am I just missing a setting?

  3. Thanks for the solution. One suggestion, maybe you can put it at the top as TLDR instead of the bottom line?

    Thank you!