How to make your first filter for WooCommerce, the Product Categories filter?

Welcome to Product Filter for WooCommerce guide.

This video is about the product filters. More specifically it’s about the Taxonomy filter.

Taxonomies are groups of terms that can define your product. For instance WooCommerce product category is a taxonomy.

Filters and filtering presets are managed in Filter Presets settings tab. Click Filter Presets in the main bar to get to this area.

Once clicked these settings will appear. Under filters select Taxonomy and click Add Item +. This adds the taxonomy filter.

Let’s select a taxonomy. Choose Product categories.

Now, if we Save our settings and view the page using this filtering preset, which in our case is the default preset integrated in our Shop page, in the left page sidebar, we can see the changes and the new filter.

If we want to change the filter title or add a description we will use the Title and Description fields.

For including or excluding terms click the Configure button. A manager will appear where you select can select these terms. Choose Include or Exclude relation for the selected terms.

Further ordering of the terms can be set by Order By and Order option. If you use the Product Filter Terms Manager you’ll be able to create custom ordering too.

Some taxonomies, such as categories, can have a hierarchy. Multi selection, adoptive filtering and term display options can also be set, but won’t be the topic of this video.

For more guide videos about the Product Filter for WooCommerce, follow our channel! Thanks!

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7 comments on “How to make your first filter for WooCommerce, the Product Categories filter?”

  1. Hi,

    Is it possible to set-up a default sorting (e.g. by average rating) in the preset?

    Currently, products are ordered by date by default. I tried arranging the order of the elements in the Filter Manager but couldn’t make it work.

    Any ideas?


    PS: I used the plugin as part of Rehub and the creator of the theme advised to reach to you.

  2. Hello,

    when i put the shortcode above the product page, i get products from the filter not filtered, and my products are at the bottom, is it possible to put only the filter with no extra products?

    I bought the filter, but i don’t see it in my envato account, i can’t sent a message to support

    Erwin Krijgsman