Product Filter plugin installation using FTP

This tutorial explains how to install Product Filter using FTP.

Before the installation process, make sure you have a working version of WordPress and WooCommerce plugin already installed. For information on installing the WordPress platform, please see the WordPress Codex – Installing WordPress. For information on installing the WooCommerce Shop system please visit the following link WooThemes – Installing WooCommerce.

Next step is the Product Filter installation. In the full .ZIP archive you have downloaded from you will find a file called This file is the installable .ZIP archive you can install via WordPress. To install it properly please follow these installation guidelines:

Installing using FTP

Follow the steps below to install using FTP

  • Unzip to the desired location on your HDD. These extracted files will be uploaded later via FTP
  • Connect to your server via FTP (Use FileZilla or any other FTP client)
  • Navigate to /wp-content/plugins/ server directory
  • Locate the local directory where you have unzipped the archive
  • Upload local folder /prdctfltr/ to remote /wp-content/plugins/
  • To activate the newly installed plugin navigate to Plugins and click the Activate button within the Product Filter for WooCommerce plugin row

Product Filter for WooCommerce is now running!

Read more Product Filter for WooCommerce tutorials to learn more. Thank you!

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2 comments on “Product Filter plugin installation using FTP”

  1. Just curious. Is it possible to install your product filter on a Mega Menu dropdown? That way customers could access the Product Filter from the menu. Thanks, let us know