Product Filter plugin installation and setup instructions

This guide covers basic installation and setup instructions for your WooCommerce Shop.

First we need to install the Product Filter for WooCommerce plugin. Navigate Plugins in your WordPress Dashboard.

Click Add New and then Upload Plugin. Upload the . . .

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6 comments on “Product Filter plugin installation and setup instructions”

  1. I have the overlay option set up, so the filter menu pops up with an overlay over the whole page.

    I have one filterable option ‘By Brand’, and we have a lot of brands.

    In the CSS, there seems to be a random arbitrary number chosen to set the height of the element to. The issue is that the height is too short, and is not allowing the last 5 to 7 brands to be visible.

    I attempted to add a scroll overflow, but that doesn’t seem to help.

    Any ideas?

      1. When I update to the latest versions of the plugin, the settings are no longer visible in the dashboard either, and I have to keep installing an older version to be able to access the settings tab. Any ideas?