Presets Manager tab overview

The Presets Manager tab is generally used if you want to add a different filter preset for some categories or tags. Once the term is filtered or visited on a page a set preset will be shown instead of the default one. This also goes for your permalinks, so if you want to diversify your filters, and possibly make them unique to parent categories, you’ll use this option. To get to the Presets Manager options click the Presets Manager Tab.

The Preset Manager options are:

  • Product category presets
  • Product tag presets
  • Select taxonomies – Here you will see that only Categories and Tags are selected, but this is only the default setup. If you need to manage brands filter presets, you will select here brands too and re-save to take effect. Any taxonomy can use the manager, this goes for attributes too

The manager itself

Add Item + button will create a new preset associated with taxonomy term. The tab for configuring will show with all the settings after clicking this button


Enter a name for this action. Note, that this Name option, is not important for the Product Filter or the WooCommerce, and is just here to make some order in your settings, basically to know what are you editing


Term is the important option. It defines the term that will get a newly set preset. If you’re managing presets for categories, your terms will be the categories used on the website, so select one


With the desired term, a set preset is needed. You’ve probably made a new preset for the particular configuration, so set that one

Select taxonomy

This option defines which Preset Manager is active. By default only Categories and Tags have the manager, but if you select here Brands for example, or any of your attributes, you will be able to setup different filtering presets for those too. CTRL+Click to select multiple, and re-save and refresh to take effect

A note here, is that if you use only Categories, then just select Categories. There’s no need to have active managers for tags, brands or attributes if you don’t use them

There’s also a short video guide which will cover these Presets Manager options. Follow this link to see more:

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4 comments on “Presets Manager tab overview”

  1. Hello, Jordanov. How are you?
    My website is using this filter plugin.
    By the way, Ajax loading doesn’t show the product label( woocommerce product labels plugin ).
    After ajax loading, the label doesn’t show for each product, so if I refresh the ajax page( &product-category=xxx ) and then the labels are showing.
    So, please let me know what is the issue.

    1. Hi, thanks for the message. Please go to your plugin authors and tell them this. If they want they can support our plugin. If they need guidance on this, they can contact us to. We will not solve these issues indivitually, but there where the issue is. Thanks for understanding.

      1. I also have a similar problem, when I use the filter and I click search it comes up with an error that resolves by updating the page, please let me know how it can be solved, if you want I will send you a video, thanks