Presets Manager tab overview

The Presets Manager tab is generally used if you want to add a different filter preset for some categories or tags. Once the term is filtered or visited on a page a set preset will be shown instead of the default one. This also goes for your permalinks, so . . .

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6 comments on “Presets Manager tab overview”

  1. I placed a filter box in my homepage. When people click search I don’t want it to show any results here and want them to be directed to the shop page.
    Ist it possible to linnk the filter button to the shop page without showing any results in the homepage?

  2. Hello, Jordanov. How are you?
    My website is using this filter plugin.
    By the way, Ajax loading doesn’t show the product label( woocommerce product labels plugin ).
    After ajax loading, the label doesn’t show for each product, so if I refresh the ajax page( &product-category=xxx ) and then the labels are showing.
    So, please let me know what is the issue.

    1. Hi, thanks for the message. Please go to your plugin authors and tell them this. If they want they can support our plugin. If they need guidance on this, they can contact us to. We will not solve these issues indivitually, but there where the issue is. Thanks for understanding.

      1. I also have a similar problem, when I use the filter and I click search it comes up with an error that resolves by updating the page, please let me know how it can be solved, if you want I will send you a video, thanks