2 thoughts on “How to setup Meta Filters

  1. Hi,
    I bought the filter plugin on the 29th of December and am since struggling to set it up. I have a professional webmaster doing it, but he just won’t make it. It seems very complicated and I can just support saying that only to undertand how to get the licence code was really out of the box compared to other plugins. Here are the problems, just starting with the price filter since this will be enough for starting the problem solving.
    The site is a 3 language site with 2 currencies. I was told your plugin was 100% WPML compatible. Here are the immediate problems :
    1. Draft products in different languages than the selected one dispaly with the filter
    2. Impossible to cross the filter with sorting for intance on price (sorting up on the right of the shop).
    Could you please already help with these 2 points. Then we’ll see how it will work.

    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards,
    Henrik Tauson

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