Responsive options for filters

This tab is for setting the responsive filters.

The options for responsive filters are shown when you click the Responsive button from the filter options. These options include:

  • Responsive behaviour
  • Responsive resolution
  • Preset

Responsive behaviour

Defines how . . .

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8 comments on “Responsive options for filters”

        1. There are articles and you can try it yourself if you want to. If you need our support staff to be involved, you will need to submit your request from the menu, which ofc requires a valid support period. There’s nothing “strange” about it.

      1. Hey Champ, My webmasters purchased the licenses but I’m the one managing it. What the heck am I supposed to do genius?

  1. Hi, I have trouble with the responsive style in my website. I use the divi module (I don’t know if it is relevant in this case). What I want to do is that when I switch to mobile, the filter closes so I have to click it to use it. Instead, it appears all the time, I tried to make it smaller, but it still bothers me, because I want the shop appearing immediately with the filter button above.

    I use the instructions of switching the filter to another preset, but it stills doesn’t work.

    Please if you can help me.

    1. Hi, sir yes of course, but do use the Submit Ticket from the menu. This comments section is more like a public channel. Thanks!