General options for filters

When you click the General option s button in the Filter Presets a tab with the general options will appear.

To make things clear. All these Filters, General, Style, Adoptive, Responsive options are controlling the current preset settings. If you change the preset and start a new one, they can surely be unique to it. So, all the options seen in the Filter Presets tab are strictly associated with the editing preset. Keep a reminder that when you install Product Filter, you will only have the Default preset. But, if you make more presets things can get complicated and this is why it’s important to be tidy and know what you’re doing.

The options here are:

  • Filter on click
  • Stepped selection
  • Show selected terms in
  • Selected terms style
  • Reorder selected
  • Filter form action

Filter on click

The option if set will hide the Filter Products button from the filter and the filtering will happen instantly. You click on a term and the filter does its work

Stepped selection

If you have for example 3 filters in your preset, the stepped selection will allow you to select one by one in order. This is good for all the redirect filter modules. A note, you can use 1 columned filters for one per row, or set more columns to get inline stepped selection. Experiment

Show selected terms in

Once filter terms are clicked, they get selected! To show them in an area, here you can select where. You can select more than one area if you prefer

Selected terms style

This option has a few styles you can use with the Selected terms display

Reorder selected

This option brings the selected terms to front, meaning, if you have a list of categories, selected ones will be brought to top of the list

Filter form action

This sets the action of the Product Filter form. If you want to make a filter module that’ll redirect to Shop, custom page or where ever, you need to set the redirect here

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