4 thoughts on “Customizing the ‘No Products Found’ message

    1. Video doesn’t exist for this tutorial. We’ve updated the article with the no-products-found.php file explanation.

  1. I added the “no-products-found.php” to my child theme woocommerce/templates/loop/ folder and changed the code to read:

    However, “No More Products!” still appears.

    I found where to edit the message in your “pagination.php” file here: http://git.apavlov.net/apavlov/ragfair-plugins/blob/420d6de208ecb074376430d736705147f6e16f40/prdctfltr/woocommerce/loop/pagination.php

    But I don’t want to edit that file because it will be overwritten with future updates. I really need to change the “NO MORE PRODUCTS!” message. Please help!

    1. Firstly, theme you use shouldn’t mess up the default structure, so that this would work. We have no idea what’s the position of your work at the moment, so if you need help, use the Submit Ticket from the menu. Thanks.

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