How to use Package Quantity Discount plugin for WooCommerce?

Hi there! Welcome to Package Quantity for WooCommerce video guide.

To start this video let’s navigate to the plugin Settings Page.

First let’s go to the Quantity Discount tab and under the Quantity Discount option, click the add item button to create some options.

A settings tab will appear. Under the Add Options click the add item and then configure your number of items and discounts. I will add two more choices for the user to have.

When that is done I will go to the Package Templates tab and create a package here.

I will set a package name and set the name and quantity for all my options.

If you need to limit to certain tags, categories or you want to set the default quantity, packages templates this is a place to do so.

I will set the the default quantity and packages and now they will be shown on all products.

In the general tab, I will enable the Hide WooCommerce Quantity option as default quantity element is not needed. The rest I will leave as they are.

When I go to a product now I see that the option to choose my packages are shown with the proper discounts.

If you want more quantity discounts, and packages templates you can add as many as you like. Just make sure you go after to the Manager tab and assign them where you want them to be.

Thanks for watching!

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