Using the Live Product Editor for WooCommerce

Welcome to Live Editor for WooCommerce video guide.

In this video, I will show how you can create and edit your product with this amazing and unique plugin.

When installed and activated the Live Editor plugin will show the product editing buttons all over your site. To start we will go to the Shop page.

As you can see the buttons appear and in the upper right corner click the button to create a new product.

I will create a simple product and as soon as I do a left sidebar will appear where we have a lot of great options.

First, let’s add some content. I will set this product to be published. I will put a name and a slug, let’s call it a perfect dress.

I will add some product description and add a featured image.

Now click on the product data arrow icon and all the settings regarding that will appear.

I will set the SKU, the regular price. We also have a great ability to manage stock so I will set the stock quantity to 10.

As for backorders I will set it to allow it, but notify the customer.

You also have the ability to set the product shipping and we can assign the product categories and tags.

Now let’s save and see the product on the shop page.

Now, with this plugin besides adding products, quick and easy editing is made effortless.

Let’s add a sale price for this product.

For this one, I will set the product description and add some new tags.

Watch more Live Editor video guides to learn more. Thank you!

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