Category: Live Product Editing

Installation overview

Here are located all the settings regarding installation. The Installation options are: Shop init action Single product init action Plugin scripts Shop init action Use custom initialization action for Shop/Product Archives. Use actions initiated in your content-product.php template. Please enter action name in following format action_name:priority ( default: woocommerce_before_shop_loop_item:0 ) Single product init action Use […]

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Vendors overview

Here are all the settings located regarding vendors. The Vendors options are: Products per vendor Default vendor restrictions Vendor groups manager Products per vendor Maximum number of products vendor can create. With this option, you can control and limit the number o products. Default vendor restrictions Here you can set default restrictions for your vendors. […]

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Products overview

Here are all the settings regarding products. The Products options are: Show hidden products New product button New product status New product is virtual New product is downloadable Show hidden products Check this option to enable pending and draft products in Shop/Product Archives. New product button Check this option to hide the New Product Button […]

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