How to use the Bulk Add to Cart for WooCommerce?

Welcome to Bulk Add to Cart for Woo Commerce How to use video.

Bulk Add to Cart is a plugin that will allow your customers to add multiple products to cart.

Lets navigate plugin settings page.

Integration is simple. Choose user interface style. Quantities are supported.

Bulk tool can be integrated in a couple of ways and display options for select all, cart and checkout within the tool are available.

For installation, choose Active in Shop to use in Woo Commerce pages, Shop and Product Pages.

If you have a custom page with shortcode, enter page IDs in this field to activate plugins on those pages.

Lets see some demos.

This plugin works with simple products and has quantity support. We can select a couple of products set the quantities and add those to the Cart using the bulk tool.

In the cart we can see these products. Lets empty the cart.

Bulk Add to Cart supports X for Woo Commerce Product Filters.

We can filter products and add results to cart in a single click.

Further, variable products and custom options provided by Improved Options plugin are integrated as well.

Select product options, then select the product. Click Bulk Add to Cart and the variations with custom options will be added to cart.

If we activate the plugin in Shop, it will appear in all our Woo Commerce pages.

Plugin supports single product pages with related and up-sell products.

This plugin is truly amazing and will bring value to your Woo Commerce Store.

Thanks for watching and thank you for using X for Woo Commerce.

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